chdawarenessThis site is likely pretty boring unless you know me. If you are wondering if you know me, feel free to check out my Resume and the question regarding whether you know me or not will likely be answered.

Even if you know me, this site is likely boring. I just wanted to play with WordPress.
I am an eclectic sort, so you will likely see information on:

  • customer service
  • employee management
  • remote work
  • writing
  • congenital heart defects
  • ethical business
  • minimalism
  • health care
  • off-roading (like, with a big truck. Not, like, the path less traveled and all that.)
  • camping
  • spirituality
  • tarot cards

on the blog. I try to break things up into categories just in case anyone’s reading – because it is a weird mix.

Yeah, tarot cards. Not kidding. I’ve been reading them for over 25 years. In fact, if you want a reading, click the Consultation link above. If you are looking for my husband Lonnie’s booking form for Martial Arts lessons, that will be the same one, as well.

If after reading all this, you think you want to offer me a job, you’re free to check out my resume. This site should be considered fair warning that I’m pretty opinionated and have strong feelings on many topics, so be sure that passion and ownership are something that you are looking for. Just sayin’.